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2012 Komori
GL540 + Coater - SOLD

Ref#: 2055
Colors: 5-Color
Sheet size: 28 x 40
Impressions: 91 million


Five Color 28 x 40 with Coater and Extended Delivery


PDC-SX closed loop printing density control with spectrophotometer and interface with Pre-inking

H-UV (1 lamp EOP) 

KHS-AI Advanced Interface pre-inking system

KID Komori Info-Service Display (wall screen)

Komorimatic II Dampening with Delta effect

Ink oscillation roller phase remote control

Advanced cylinder cocking remote control

Anti-fan out regulation remote control

Water cooled oscillating inking rollers

KMS-IV Komori Management System 

Air vacuum side lay and front lay

Ultrasonic double sheet detector

PQC-S off-press control console

Non-stop feeder and delivery

Vacuum feed board


Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaners AICC

Fully Automatic Plate Change FAPC

Automatic Ink Roller Cleaner AIRC

Automatic Blanket Washers ABW


AIR PRESET upgrade via KHS-AI (all adjustments made at console)

Sheet jogger expansion/contraction laterally and top/bottom axis

Positioning, Delivery Side Jogger Preset and Side Guide Preset

Feeder Pile Sideways Control with pit-less skid loader

Oscillating Timing Remote Control

Sheet Size including Side-Guide

Sucker Height Remote Control

Feeder Side Blower Preset

Feeder & Delivery Preset



Technotrans Beta. C Combination Unit for Refrigeration & Recirculation

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