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2008 Komori LSX529 + Coater

Ref#: 119
Colors: 5
Sheet Size: 24 x 29
Impressions: 59
Status: For Sale


Komorimatic Dampening (Delta Effect)

Cardboard attachments for up to 32 point stock capability

PDC-S II Print Density Control – Spectrophotometer

Suction tape feeder with air suction side guide

KHS-AI Advanced Interface pre-inking system

Skeleton transfer cylinders with air guides

PQC-S Console with plate cocking

KMS IV Komori Monitor System

Chrome plated cylinders

Water Chilled Vibrators


Automatic Make Ready for sheet size and thickness

Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaning

Fully -Automatic Plate Changing

Automatic Ink Roller Cleaner

Automatic Blanket Washers


Baldwin AWS single zone Chill Pack for WCV

Tresu single chill unit for dampening

Komori Coating Circulation System

Sentinel ink management system

Komori powder spray

Pierry IR dryer

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