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2017 Komori GLX1040RP with H-UV

Ref#: 110
Colors: 10
Sheet Size: 28 x 40
Impressions: 160
Status: For Sale


Ten Color 28 x 40 Perfector (5/5)

PDC-SX closed loop printing density control with spectrophotometer and interface with Pre-inking

KID Komori Info-Service Display for PDC-SC integrated type

PQA-S defect detection camera and color monitor

KHS-AI Advanced Interface pre-inking system

PQC-S off-press control console


Automatic make Ready for sheet size and thickness 

Asynchronous Automatic Plate Change 

Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaners 

Automatic Ink Roller Cleaner 

Automatic Blanket Washers 


Baldwin H-UV 2 Lamps

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